Membership Capacity Building and Technical Assistance


The Isothermal Regional Commission is here to assist our membership with capacity issues, and specifically can offer assistance to our members in a number of areas to include Finance, Financial Back Office support (Payable s, Receivables, Payroll), Project Development and Project Management, Administrative services.  We offer a pay as you go Technical Assistance Program in which our staff will work with your staff in municipal and county services.

Our staff includes Steve Lockett, Director of Economic, Community and Workforce Development, Ben Farmer, Project Manager, Karyl Fuller, Senior Planner and Rural Planning Coordinator,  and other staff from our Workforce, Aging, Administration, and Housing Divisions.  Some of our services include:

  1. Project Development
  2. Community Development
  3. Back office support to include finance, accounts payable, payroll services
  4. Local Government Administrative Services

Commission staff is certified under the Community Development Academy in order to better serve our membership in grant writing and grant administration.  IPDC  works with Western Piedmont Council of Governments and Land of Sky Regional Council to assist us in assisting our membership in Grant Writing and Grant Administrative Services so that we can provide full services without additional staff.  These services include:

  1. Grant Writing – including CDBG
  2. Environmental Review
  3. Grant Administration
  4. Compliance
  5. Close out
  6. Public Meetings
  7. Official Notifications

These services are provided on a pay as you go method with agreement for services directly between the member government and the Commission.

Your Commission staff will assist in developing projects and other technical services in order to put you in touch with the best grant sourcing that may be applicable.  We do have access a wide variety of grant resources through our association and a program called META SOFT, which is grant search software.

In addition to Grant Services, the Commission is also re-staffing to provide other technical services in the areas of Land Use Planning, Economic Development Project Development, Public participation and meeting coordination, Public Policy Development, Financial and Administrative Services, Local Transportation Studies, Economic Sectors Studies and Impact Studies, Public and staff Surveying, Strategic Planning and GIS services.

The Office of Economic, Community and Workforce Development is here to help assist our membership in developing projects, managing projects or assisting in local government matters, to include back office and administrative services.  Back Office Services, including finance, payroll, accounts payable, are also available.

For Commission members who are in the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC), we will be matching resources we receive from the Appalachian Regional Commission in a 50/50 matching costs for local technical assistance (50% from ARC and 50% paid by local government).  This will allow us to stretch limited dollars and assist members who want and need the services. 

Parks and Recreation Planning

Click here to learn more about how IPDC can help member governments with System-wide parks and recreation master planning and view our work.

Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) Resources

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