Draft Tourism Asset Map

snap of asset dataThe Commission has worked with Alta Planning + Design to collect GIS mapping data representing the region’s existing tourism infrastructure including: outdoor activities, cultural landmarks, downtown centers, recreation/leisure locations, food/beverage sources, historic sites, accommodations, music venues, , farm locations, bike and pedestrian infrastructure, and more.

Alta has provided the Commission with the data sets needed for future groups to complete the asset mapping process. We feel it is essential that local tourism stakeholders be the ones to turn the asset mapping data into a polished asset map.  After all, the Isothermal Regional Economic Development Strategy calls for it!  Currently, no local input has been integrated into the draft tourism asset map.  Stakeholders have been meeting to collect ideas, add points, structure the map, publicize the map, and provide other input.

Click Here to View the Draft Regional Tourism Asset Map

Within the Economic Development Strategy: Goal 2, Strategy T.3: Conduct Regional Asset Mapping of the Tourism Industry calls for a tourism consortium to develop a marketing plan for the region’s tourism assets and establish an evaluation tool to measure the impact of the hospitality and tourism industry.  The data collected will make it possible for the future group to create an asset map which they can use to assist in developing a marketing plan, public awareness campaign, and evaluation tool for the region’s tourism industry.

While viewing the data, feel free to brainstorm ways it can be utilized to serve your needs, identify things that are missing, and provide any other suggestions, comments or concerns to Project Manager Ben Farmer or Senior Planner Karyl Fuller.

asset map for site