Resident Advisory Board

The Isothermal Planning & Development Commission (IPDC) is looking for residents of the region’s Section 8/Housing Choice Voucher program to serve on the new Resident Advisory Board (RAB). IPDC serves as the region’s Public Housing Authority (PHA), which serves the housing needs of Cleveland, McDowell, Polk and Rutherford counties in North Carolina.

What does a Resident Advisory Board do?

The Resident Advisory Board (RAB) will help IPDC create a forum for sharing information for the region’s PHA Plan. The RAB should be comprised of individuals who reflect and represent the residents assisted by the PHA. The role of the RAB is to assist the PHA in developing the PHA Plan and in making any significant amendment or modification to the plan.

What is the Public Housing Authority (PHA) Plan?

The PHA Plan is a comprehensive guide to public housing agency (PHA) policies, programs, operations, and strategies for meeting local housing needs and goals. There are two parts to the PHA Plan: the 5-Year Plan, which each PHA submits to HUD once every 5th PHA fiscal year, and the Annual Plan, which is submitted to the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) every year by non-qualified agencies.

What will IPDC’s Resident Advisory Board look like?

IPDC’s RAB will be made up of two (2) residents per county (Cleveland, McDowell, Polk, and Rutherford Counties) who currently participate in the region’s Section 8/Housing Choice Voucher program. The board will also have four (4) at-large members from any county in the IPDC region for a total of twelve (12) members. 

RAB Member Requirements

  • Must participate in IPDC’s Section 8/Housing Choice Voucher program
  • Must live in the Isothermal region – Cleveland, McDowell, Polk, or Rutherford County
  • Must be listed on the lease of the residence for Section 8/Housing Choice Voucher program
  • Must be 18 years or older to participate
  • The deadline to submit an application for the RAB board is July 15, 2020

RAB Member Commitments

  • RAB members will be asked to participate in meetings, either in person, via webinar, or by telephone to discuss the planning process of the IPDC’s five- year plan that must be submitted to HUD for approval
  • RAB members will be asked to attend approximately four (4) or fewer meetings per year.
  • RAB members will be asked to serve on the board for approximately five (5) years


For questions about the Resident Advisory Board, please email or call (828)-287-2281

Applications are now closed.
Thank you for your interest!