Isothermal Regional Housing Data

The Isothermal Planning Commission held its first Regional Housing Summit on November 7, 2019, at the Rutherford Clubhouse.  The Summit attracted over 65 participants from Polk, Cleveland, McDowell and Rutherford Counties to hear a market study on housing, housing availability and housing affordability in this region and how to develop a Regional Housing Strategy. Below are the presentations:

2019 Summit Presentations

2019 Housing Data Presentation

2019 North Carolina Housing Coalition Data

2019 IPDC Housing Summit Presentation

The program was sponsored by the Isothermal Regional Councils Own Area Agency on Aging, the Isothermal Housing Authority (the Section 8 Program), the North Carolina Housing Coalition and the Western NC Housing Partnership.  After hearing presentations participants worked in break out sessions to identify Housing Issues in the Region, Defining Affordable Housing and the barriers to creating Affordable Housing in the Region and how they could work together moving forward to create workable solutions in the four-county area.

Isothermal Regional Housing Data

The Isothermal Commission now has up to date housing data for the four (4) county region. The Reports on this data can be found for each county below:

Cleveland County

McDowell County

Polk County

Rutherford County

American Census Housing Data on Isothermal Region

Isothermal Region Addendum

North Carolina Addendum

A Synopsis of the Breakout Sessions from Housing Summit is now available. Click on IPDC Housing Summit Synopsis for the report.

Break Out Session, Draft, Nov 7, 2019, Isothermal Housing Summit

Isothermal Commission Housing Task Force

New March 13th….The Task Force has held its first meeting, on February 12, 2020 here at the Isothermal Commissions offices in Rutherfordton. The second meeting of the Task Force was held on March 10th and included Harry Grymes and Erin Hooper representing the mortgage and banking industry; David Brown and Charles Burgess representing the Real Estate Industry here in our region; and, Aaron Hutchinson representing the Contractor and Building Industry.  Minutes can be found below.

Meeting Minutes: February 12, 2020 | March 10, 2020

Isothermal Housing Task Force Committee Members