Staff Directory

For extensions, dial the IPDC main office: (828)-287-2281


Judy Lynch – Assistant to the Executive Director                                     x235

Scott Dadson – Executive Director                                                               x250

Area Agency on Aging

Carrie Rhodes – Program Manager                                                               x227

Danielle Williams – Family Caregiver Resource Specialist                      x258

Laura Lynch – Director                                                                                    x232

Lori Simpson – Aging Specialist                                                                    x222

Mandy Johnson – Regional Long Term Care Ombudsman                      x225

Rose Phipps – Program Manager                                                                  x255

Economic, Community and Workforce Development

Ben Farmer – Project Manager                                                                       x236

Brandon Ruppe – Business Services Representative                                 x239

Diane Hodge – Workforce Development Administrator                           x253

Jerry Broom – Business Services Representative, McDowell Co.     (828)-659-6001 x136

Karyl Fuller – Isothermal RPO Director, Planning Director                     x226

Linda Sprouse – Workforce Specialist, Youth Programs                          x261

NC Works Center – Cleveland County                                                           (704)-669-4729

NC Works Center – McDowell County                                                           (828)-659-6001

NC Works Center – Rutherford County                                                         (828)-286-3042

Shanna Gorecki – WIA Case Manager, McDowell Co.                         (828)-659-6001 x135

Steve Lockett – Director                                                                                   x264

Tammy Phillips – Senior Workforce Specialist                                           x252


Arlene Taylor – Accounts Payable/Purchasing                                          x246

Becky Evans – Director                                                                                     x230

Lisa Bridges – Accounts Receivable/Payroll                                                x248

Housing Programs

Candice Johnson – Housing Waiting List Specialist                                   x237

Jennifer Fox – Marion Housing Office, Housing Counselor                     (828) 652-8098

Joan Wilson – Housing Counselor, Shelby Housing Office                      (704) 487-0476 x2

Latrell Jones – Rutherford/Polk Housing Office, Housing Counselor   (828) 351-2329

Marylin Smith – Shelby Housing Office                                                       (704)-487-0476

Pam Hall – Family Self Sufficiency/Homeownership Coordinator        x266

Sheri Barnes – Housing Program Specialist                                                x241

Sonja Bristol – Director                                                                                    x242

Yvette Phillips – Housing Inspector                                                              x254