Board of Directors

Upcoming Meeting – 11/14/17 in Saluda.

IPDC’s upcoming board meeting will be hosted by the City of Saluda on November 14, 2017 at 11:45 am at the Saluda Fire Department [Assembly Room, 199 Walnut St, Saluda, NC 28773].  Please go here to register your attendance today!

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In the Isothermal Regional Economic Development Strategy we committed to exploring and discussing the impact that health and wellness has on economic development. According to the most recent State of the County Health Reports (2015), each County in the Isothermal Planning and Development region has among their priorities increasing healthy eating & active living and decreasing tobacco use, chronic mental illness, and substance abuse. The impact of these issues and their corresponding poor health outcomes has a dramatic impact on the economic vitality of our region. While each county is involved in exciting local initiatives that address these challenges, we have yet to develop a comprehensive regional strategy to address the issues we all face.

In our upcoming meeting, Leah Ferguson, former Lead Coordinator for the Community Transformation Grant Project in Region 2 and Senior Program Manager at Rural Support Partners, will take us through a deeper dive into the health of our footprint and how poor health outcomes impact economic development. Then we’ll hear from Nick Byrd, the Director of the WorkFORCE Network, who will share the current results and future plans of his promising program and how it will interface with the IPDC.

IPDC Board of Directors Information

March 14, 2017 IPDC Board Actions and Background:

  1. Revisions to the IPDC Budget; IPDC Received monies from WIOA to finish work on the advanced Manufacturing Career Pathways Programs
  2. Approved the Slate of Officers and Executive Committee of IPDC
  3. Resolution in Support of Cleveland County becoming an ARC County
  4. Resolution in Support of several legislative actions regarding Technical Assistance Funds for COGS in the areas of Water Resource Planning, Broadband Planning and Housing Authorities.
  5. Resolution in Support of the preservation of and monies to several Federal Government Programs that assist and have assisted the membership governments of the IPDC in the areas of the Appalachian Regional Commission, Economic Development Administration, WIOA which include monies for dislocated workers and workforce training, the USDA’s Rural Development Division, and Community Development Block Grants which include investments in utilities, housing, downtown redevelopment and industrial development for our membership governments.

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