The Isothermal Planning and Development Commission (Isothermal Regional Commission/The Commission) is the council of governments for the Isothermal Region which includes Cleveland, McDowell, Polk and Rutherford Counties in Western North Carolina. The membership of the Commission consists of the local governments within the Isothermal Region.

The Commission serves its members and their citizens by fostering regional collaboration and providing professional and technical expertise. The Commission houses the region’s Area Agency on AgingHousing Programs, Rural Planning Organization, Workforce Development Board and provides services through its Economic, Community and Workforce Development programs and Technical Assistance programs.  For more information, check out our About page!

North Carolina Broadband Indices Available

2-14-2020 New…The North Carolina Broadband Indices (Indices) available on our Broadband Page. Check it out at https://regionc.org/regional-development/economic-development-programs/broadband-resources/

New Hours for HCV (Section 8) Housing Offices.

Check out the new housing office hours of operation and find out more about the Isothermal Housing Choice Voucher Program here our Region at Housing Programs.

Region C Workforce Development Board Releases RFP for PY20 Programs

The Region C Workforce Development Board has released a RFP to provide Adult, Dislocated Worker, and Youth services.  These program cover the majority of Workforce Board training and education services offered across the Isothermal Region, through the region’s three NCWorks Career Centers.  The successful bidder(s) will be selected based on demonstrated abilities, past performance, a sound proposal, and cost effective service delivery.  We are requesting any bidder that is interested in submitting a proposal to first provide us with a Letter of Intent by March 2nd, 2020.  Final proposals are due on March 16th, 2020, with the contract start date set for July 1st, 2020.  For more information, please click here

Board of Directors Supports the designation of US74, Between I-26 and I-85 to a Future Interstate Quality Corridor

To see the Resolution, go to the US 74 Resolution by clicking here.

IPDC Staff Technical Assistance

New… The Isothermal Regional Commission held its first Technical Assistance Kickoff on January 30, 2020 at the IPDC Main Offices.  This kickoff event gave our newest team members a chance to meet our membership and to discuss ways to better serve the membership in the coming calendar year.   Economic, Community Development and Workforce Director Steve Lockett introduced our newest staff which includes Sarah Kopkin and Nick Byrd, who serve as Project Managers in the Economic and Community Development division.  In the Transportation Planning Division (RPO) the group was introduced to Jerry Stensland, who will be working on the Safe Routes to School Grant in Rutherford County as well as assisting RPO Director Karyl Fuller with RPO services to the member governments of Polk, Rutherford and McDowell Counties. 

Isothermal Regional staff discussed ways they can provide technical assistance for members, including: Zoning and planning needs, back office support, grant writing, project management, development of comprehensive plans or economic development strategies, and much more! Staff will also provide updates on the upcoming ARC grant cycle, as well as other funding sources, including the EDA, USDA, and Dogwood Foundation.  A handout of this information and staff contact is now available for folks.  Click here for further information.

There was  discussion about the upcoming land use changes of Chapter 160D of the State of North Carolina State Statutes. Our staff discussed with participating members where they may be of use to assist our members, ensuring compliance before the initial deadline at the end of 2020 and the grace period deadline in 2022. 

The 2020 Calendar year is full of Grant Opportunities and Commission staff discussed deadlines and other details for this list of Grants.  For a full list of Grants, click here.
To find out more about our Technical Assistance program, check out our website here: Technical Assistance.

Successful First Annual Isothermal Housing Summit held in Rutherfordton

Isothermal Regional Partners working on Housing Issues at First Annual Housing Summit

Isothermal Housing Task Force

The Isothermal Regional Commission held its first Regional Housing Task Force Meeting on February 12, 2020. To find out more about the meeting, the task force membership and the meeting schedule, go to the Housing Data Page.

The Isothermal Regional Commission Board of Directors approved the creation of a Housing Task Force.  The Committee consists of four (4) people per County (Polk, Rutherford, McDowell, and Cleveland) for a total of 16 members to work with the Isothermal Staff on Housing Issue Solutions for the Region. 

The first meeting of the Isothermal Planning & Development Commission (IPDC) Housing Task Force will be held on Wednesday, February 12, at 3:00 PM in the IPDC conference room. During this meeting, the Task Force will review the housing data in more detail, establish its’ meeting schedule, outcomes, and strategy. To learn more about the issue of housing in our region before the meeting, please click here for information about Isothermal regional housing data.

Staff assigned to this Task Force are Sarah Kopkin, a Project Manager in the Economic, Community, and Workforce Development Division and Tammy Phillips, the Family Self Sufficiency Coordinator in the Isothermal Regional Housing Division as well as serving as the  Housing Grant Administrator for Community Development Division.

On June 4, 2019, the Isothermal Regional Commission Board of Directors approved the 2019-2020 Budget. Click here to view the 2019-2020 Budget Message.

Employment Opportunities

The Isothermal Regional Commission is seeking interested candidates for the following positions: Housing Management Director and Receptionist. See our Employment Opportunities Page by clicking here.

Upcoming Board Meetings

The next meeting of the Isothermal Regional Commission Board of Directors will be March 10, 2020 at 12 noon at a Place to Be Determined. The Featured Program will be the Dogwood Trust. Check out this page and our newsletter for more information on this exciting program event.

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