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The Isothermal Planning and Development Commission (Isothermal Regional Commission/The Commission) is the regional Council of Governments for Cleveland, McDowell, Polk and Rutherford Counties in Western North Carolina and the municipalities therein.  The membership of the Commission consists of the 28 county and municipal governments that make up the Isothermal Region which include the member governments of Polk, Cleveland, Rutherford and McDowell Counties.

The Commission serves its members and their citizens by fostering regional collaboration, and by providing professional and technical expertise. The Commission houses the region’s Area Agency on AgingHousing Programs, and also provides services through its Economic, Community and Workforce Development programs, and Local Government and Technical Assistance programs.  For more information, check out our About page!

Inaugural Isothermal Legislative Gathering 1.22

Notice of Proposed Changes to Bylaws

The Isothermal Regional Commission Board of Directors have proposed several changes to the Commission’s bylaws.  The proposed changes are not yet approved by the Board of Directors.  To review the memo describing the changes and to submit a comment, please visit our Board of Directors Page.  

Commission Budget and Audit

You can now view the Commission’s budget and audit on our About page!


Section 511 of the Quality Housing and Work Responsibility Act of 1998 requires the Board of Directors of the Isothermal Regional Commission to conduct a public hearing to discuss and invite public comment regarding the 2018 Annual Plan.  The hearing is to be conducted at 3:00 P.M. on Friday, April 13, 2018 at the main office of the Isothermal Planning and Development Commission, 111 W Court Street, Rutherfordton, NC.

The proposed Annual Plan (FY beginning 07/01/2018) and information relevant to the public hearing to be conducted is available for inspection by the public here or at Isothermal Planning & Development Headquarters, 111 W Court Street, Rutherfordton, NC during normal business hours 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday thru Friday.

Questions or comments may be directed to Sonja Bristol, Director of Housing, at (828) 351-2342.

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